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Universe Thermostat - Privacy Policy

Policy active as of January 1, 2021.

Unilux HVAC Industries Inc. (Unilux) is focused on offering its customers the best possible home comfort experience, without making any compromises in terms of managing customer privacy.  


This Privacy Statement for Universe Products and Services (“Privacy Statement”) describes the information that Unilux HVAC, and its affiliates (collectively “Unilux”) collect, use, share and store. 


Our commitment to customers:  

  1. We will only collect the information that we need, we don’t collect home addresses or billing information, only an email is required to sign-up 
  2. We will always use industry standard encryption on all communication between your thermostat and the internet 


Your permission: Permission for data collection and processing. By using Universe thermostats, you agree to allow us to process and store information as described in this privacy statement.  


What information does Unilux Collect? 

  • Information provided by you during enrolment (email, SSID, password, etc.)  
  • Environmental data from the Universe thermostats onboard sensors 
  • Heating, cooling, and fan usage information 
  • Unit status information  


Information provided by you during enrolment (email, SSID, password, etc.)  

  • The main steps to set-up a Universe Thermostat are as follows: 1) Configure the installer settings 2) Connect the thermostat to your network, and 3) Complete your Universe Profile. 


  1. Configure Installer settings: This includes some basic information about your unit(s) configuration and abilities. Such as if it is a fan coil, a heat pump, or a conventional air conditioner/furnace, if your unit has heat/ cool on demand, if your unit has an ERV/HRV, and what the appropriate compressor delays are set-to.  
  2. Connect the thermostat to your network: This is when your initial Universe profile will be created, we will collect your email, and your WIFI’s SSID and passcode and facilitate connection to the Universe server. You will now be able to get over the air updates on Universe and automatically keep your time zone in-line with daylight savings.  
  3. Complete your Universe Profile: You are now able to set your password and login to Universe, you’ll be able to set some basic settings, such as temperature unit preferences, Thermostat name preferences, set schedules and vacations, and connect your thermostat to Alexa or Google. All your personal preferences are stored on the Universe Server and not shared with third parties.


Alexa/ Google: When connecting users into Google and Alexa Universe does not share any personal information. 


Environmental data from the Universe thermostats onboard sensors 

  • Universe thermostat has one onboard temperature and humidity sensor. Unilux also offers either wired or wireless temperature sensors. We send all this information encrypted to the Universe server.  
  • Unilux also offers window and door sensors, which may cause the unit to setback. These actions are triggered via the on-board processor, so no information is sent or stored on the server.  


Heating, cooling, and fan usage information 

  • Universe is primarily used in high-rise HVAC, to control either fan coils or heat pumps. Some units can cool or heat at any time, and some units depend on the status of the buildings water supply. All Universe can track is what the thermostat has been set to. We collect and store data on how long our users have their systems running in cool/ heat, and how often they utilize their fan, and on which fan speed.  


Unit status information  

  • Universe has several alerts designed to ensure the protection of your unit against either misuse, or environmental issues (Ie. Window left open during cold season). These alerts are delivered via the server, and therefore we do process data regarding the status of the unit, but we do not store this alert data for any period of time. In certain circumstances these alerts may also be sent to your building management.  


What does Unilux do with the collected information?  

We use this information primarily to provide a customer experience that improves your HVAC. The majority of the data stored and collected is with regards to usage information, and it is easily available to be accessed by customers to track their energy usage.  


The company may also use this data to develop and improve Universe products, or Unilux HVAC products. Including to make assessments and recommendations about products, safety, or energy use. We may also use this information in a non-identified form for research purposes and to help us make sales, marketing, and business decisions.  


We use industry-standard methods to encrypt your information while it is sent through the internet to the Universe servers. Depending on your location, Universe may process your personal information on servers that are not in your home country.  


In what circumstances does Unilux share my information?  

Under no circumstance do we share personal information for any commercial or marketing purpose unrelated to the activation and delivery of Universe products and services without telling you first. 


We may share non-personal information (for example, aggregated or anonymized customer data) publicly and with our partners. For example, we may publish trends about energy use or decreased humidity in the home. This information may also be shared with other users to compare energy usage among Universe users with similar configurations. 


If you select an outside party for the purchase, installation or service of your Universe device and share your personal information, we cannot control the collection, storage or sharing of information collected by that party.  


What choices do I have and how can I delete my personal information?  
Unilux generally stores your personal information on the Universe servers as long as you remain an active Universe customer. Once customers unenroll from the application their data is deleted from Universe servers.  


If applicable law provides you the right to request access to, (receive) port, object or restrict processing, seek rectification, or request erasure or personal information held about you by Unilux, you may do so, as applicable, by contacting Unilux. To protect your identity Unilux will take steps to verify your identity before granting access to or making any changes to your personal information.   



Only individuals aged 18 or older are permitted to act as Owners of Universe accounts. Authorized users must be over the age of 13 (or min age in their jurisdiction) and may use the products and services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian and only if they agree to be bound by these terms on your behalf. Unilux does not knowingly collect or store any personal information from anyone under the age of 13. 


Can the Privacy Statement be changed?  

Please note that this privacy statement is subject to change. We will provide notice of any changes and post them on the website.  


How can I contact Unilux?  

To contact Unilux, either call our head office: (905) 851-3981, or email 

Contact us:

Phone: 1-800-397-3680


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