Make sure both your HVAC unit and Universe thermostat are turned on and have power.

Remove the front access panel of the HVAC unit to ensure the main power switch is in the up and/or on position. Keep front panel removed for now.

Ensure the wireless router is on and connected to the internet.

Find your HVAC unit’s SSID and Password labelled in the cabinet as shown above.

Reset your thermostat by holding the Return, Up, and Down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Once the WiFi reset is complete, the whole screen will reset.

Open the WiFi settings on your PC/Mac. In the list of available wireless connections, you’ll see the SSID of your Wi-Fi enabled VFC. Select it.

You may be asked to enter the VFC password.

Our configuration page should appear after about 20 seconds. If not, enter into your browser’s address bar. Fill in the required boxes and submit.

SSID: Choose from list SSID name of your wireless router.
Password: Enter your wireless router password.
Email: Enter your personal email address.
Server: Enter

Once completed, you’ll see a message, “Try to Register.” Within a minute you’ll see “Device Registered.”

You’ll receive an email from the Universe web app. If it doesn’t arrive in your inbox, check your junk folder.

Your device should now be set up on our new server. Enjoy continuing to have full control of your home comfort!